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Running job with multiple partition

There is an option selecting more then one partition when submitting your job to the queue, to do that you need to specify in comma separated list the partitions you would like to submit your job to.

Your job will be submitted to the first partition with free resources in the hierarchy  from left to right from the list of partitions that you entered in the list. Examples:

All the examples below show the standard -p / --partition option of Slurm but with comma seperated list of partitions that you should add to your job.

To run short jobs (less than 24 hours):

-p hive1d,hive7d, hiveunlim
If you also have some private nodes: (replace "private" with the partition name)
-p private,hive1d,hive7d, hiveunlim
If you are willing to risk your jobs being killed and rerun: (for short jobs)
-p hive1d,hive7d,hiveunlim,preempt1d,
Same with a private partition:
-p private,hive1d,hive7d,hiveunlim,

To run longer jobs: (up to 7 days)
-p hive7d,hiveunlim
Same with private partition:
-p private,hive7d,hiveunlim
With checkpointing:
-p hive7d,hiveunlim,ckptdell7d,ckptdell31d


-p hive7d,hiveunlim,ckpthp7d,ckpthp31d
Same with private partition:
-p private,hive7d,hiveunlim,ckptdell7d,ckptdell31d


-p private,hive7d,hiveunlim,ckpthp7d,ckpthp31d

To run very long jobs: (up to 31 days)
-p hiveunlim
Same with private partition:
-p private,hiveunlim
With checkpointing:
-p hiveunlim,ckptdell31d


-p hive7d,hiveunlim,ckpthp31d
Same with private partition:
-p private,hiveunlim,ckptdell31d


-p private,hiveunlim,ckpthp31d

To run jobs that require more than 128GB memory:
-p queen
With checkpointing:
-p queen,queenckpt