Would like to inform about feature of Slurm that could be useful for our users.

The option is called --dependency which help u to configure your sbatch job to start in "dependency" mod, look for example below:

#SBATCH --dependency=<type>

The available dependency types for job chains are:

  • after:<jobID> job starts when job with <jobID> begun execution
  • afterany:<jobID> job starts when job with <jobID> terminates
  • afterok:<jobID> job starts when job with <jobID> terminates successfully
  • afternotok:<jobID> job starts when job with <jobID> terminates with failure
  • singleton jobs starts when any previously job with the same job name and user terminates

It could be very comfortable and helpful for running multiple jobs that depend on each other.

More interesting Slurm features everyone can find on the Slurm manual page: http://slurm.schedmd.com/documentation.html