Welcome to the High Performance Computing "HIVE" at University of Haifa. The HIVE HPC provides computational hardware and support to researches groups of the Faculty of Natural Science.

Receiving an account

All research groups of the Faculty of Natural Sciences can apply for user accounts on Hive

NEW! Academic University of Haifa faculty members are now hereby eligible to receive a guest account on Hive

To receive access to Hive, each research groups of the Faculty of Natural Sciences should ask for a username and password from the Hive system administrator -  email: HPC(at)sci.haifa.ac.il office: 8994

Connecting to Hive

After member receive a group and username, he could start using Hive, in order to connect to the access node of Hive, user should connect to Hive using SSH protocol. to server name: hive01.haifa.ac.il.

For example in terminal window write:  # ssh This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. --> enter password --> Congrats, you are connected to Hive and you are in your home folder!

*Note: Connection to HIVE is available ONLY from University local network, that means that outside the University campus you cannot connect to HIVE unless you have a University VPN account that connecting you to University network from outside of the campus.

In order to receive VPN account, user should call Universities tech support(inside number: 2609) and ask for receiving VPN account with University IP in order to work on HIVE HPC from outside of the campus. The process shouldn't take more than a few days.

Running jobs on Hive

Please refer to the "Slurm" page for instructions on submitting computing jobs through the Slurm scheduler. See also the "Tips and notes" page for more suggestions that will help you make the most from the Hive.

Please refer to the "Limitation" for details about the different available options for running your jobs on the Hive (different partitions with different limitations).

Hive current status

You can monitor the current status of Hive HPC by going to ganglia monitoring system installed on Hive: http://beekeeper01.haifa.ac.il/ganglia/ (available only from University network).

Acknowledging Hive in publications

Users are expected to acknowledge support by the Israeli Science Foundation when publishing results based on Hive's computations. A suggested acknowledgment format is: "Computations presented in this work were performed on the Hive computer cluster at the University of Haifa, which is partly funded by ISF grant 2155/15.".