High-level Infrastructure Architecture

The Ethernet network is used for cluster management:

1. Console access (iDRAC/BMC)

2. Compute nodes provisioning using xCAT

3. Grid internal communications (scheduling, remote login, naming services, etc.)


InfiniBand is used for storage access and MPI traffic.

Access from HaifaU LAN

All grid components, including compute nodes, are accessible from University of Haifa LAN


Three BeeGFS nodes providing nearly 115TB usable shared storage space


Master node - R620 2 x E5-2620v2 64GB Ram 4*1TB SATA - hosting the SLURM scheduler, BeeGFS and cluster management services, monitoring services

Access node - virtual machine hosted on cluster management node, used by the grid users to access the system and submit jobs to the grid.

Storage Nodes - 4 storage servers with BeeGFS file system -  2x Dell PowerEdge R720XD 2 x E5-2620v2 64GB Ram, 12 x 4TB Storage and 1x HP DL380 2x E5- 2620v3 64GB RAM, 12 x 4TB Storage

Backup Node - RX620 2 x E5-2620v2 64GB Ram 2*300GB - dedicated storage node connected directly to the management node. Used to as backup store for a portion of user data. 


Name Quanity Model CPU's  RAM Notes
Compute(bee's) 32 Dell PowerEdge C6220ii 20 128GB bee001-032
Compute(bee's) 30 HP XL170r 24 128GB bee033-063
Fat node(queen's) 1 Dell PowerEdge R820 32 760GB queen01
Fat node(queen's) 2 HP DL560 56 760GB queen02-03
GPU(vespa's) 1 HP XL190r 28 256GB vespa01, Nvidia K80 GPU


Operating Systems

Operating system on all grid's nodes are CentOS 6 update 7.